“You’re Safe Here” Lyrics

Verse 1:
I long to press these lips to your forehead,
Easing your fevered skin,
And make my way past those boundaries,
Anything to help heal.
With grace poured out upon me,
I will set to washing it clean,
The fire ignited within you
And the poison that may still remain

But she says…

We will never be safe here; we will never be safe here.
But you’re safe here.

Verse 2:
I long to kiss the salt from your sad eyes,
As tears make their way down your face,
Finding my way past those strong walls,
Anything to help heal.
So go on, it’s ok to feel weak,
As you crash into my open arms,
It’s a fire that’s longing to hold you,
Until your strength returns.

But she says…


All your nights held in fear until morning’s light
Can fade away if you’ll let me in
Though you feel that you’re way beyond repair
I know the truth, that you’re safe here.

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