“You’re Safe Here” Song Stories

Every boy wants to be the hero. We yearn to be the valiant prince who swoops in, rescuing the princess from the clutches of the dragon. Years of callous living in a world of email and cubicles can reduce that yearning to a slowly fading spark.

But a spark can burst into flame if given the right fuel.

The fuel to write “You’re Safe Here” came to me through the stories of young women in my life who had been deeply broken by the men they had entrusted their hearts to. I listened, with a growing need to fight the horrific injustice, as she told me of her sexual abuse at an early age by her father…
Her father!! The very man who should have been offering her the safest of places, was violating his mandate to protect. As a result, she has lived her life with deep mistrust of men.

Oh, how I longed to show her something different; to be a friend, a refuge, a safe haven. As a spark fanned into a flame, I felt my Heavenly Father speaking to the injustices I’ve experienced. As much as my heart beat to be a source of healing, His beat stronger.

For her…and for me.

The words to the verses were written from a deep sense of the compassion and grace the Lord was speaking over me:

“I long to press these lips to your forehead, easing your fevered skin.
And make my way past those boundaries, anything to help heal.
With grace poured out upon me, I will set to washing it clean,
The fire ignited within you, and the poison that may still remain”

What is our first response to this kind of compassion? We run, we feel unworthy; we are convinced that we are not the ones who deserve rescue. God offers us the safety and perfect love we have searched for our whole lives. Unfortunately, our wounds prevent us from trusting enough to fall freely into that love.

And so our response sounds something like the chorus:
“But she says…
‘We will never be safe here, we will never be safe here’”

And our Heavenly Father’s still quiet voice gently whispers back:
“But you’re safe here”

In 2011, the final chorus to this song was written and recorded. Soon after, I had the opportunity to meet a very special group of orphans who all had witnessed or lived through the horrors of violent abuse. I was asked to speak with them, and not being a polished presenter, I chose to play this song.

As I tuned the orphanage’s beat-up guitar, I told them the song had been written by God to bring hope to a girl just like them. I told them they could trust God, that He was safe and that He wanted to be a good Father to them.

As I sang the full song over their listening ears, I prayed that every word would somehow sink deep into their young tender hearts and find root.

“All your nights held in fear until morning’s light
Can fade away if you’ll let me in
Though you feel that you’re way beyond repair
I know the truth, that you’re safe here.”

Something strange and beautiful happened. With smiles the kids began pressing in, reaching out to place a hand on my arm or lean against my shoulder. Their caretaker, overcome with tears, pulled me aside to explain what had happened.

“You are one of the first truly safe males they have been around in a long time. They want to be near you because you represent something they have never known. You bring life where others have only come to steal, kill and destroy.”

That can only be Christ bursting forth from my frail humanity. Thank you, Jesus, for gently coming after my heart with your love. Thank you for offering your safety through me and for letting me be a part of your great rescue story.

Are you running from His ever-pursuing love?
I promise that if you let him find you…you will truly be safe here.

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  1. What an inspiring story Scott! I would’ve never known what the song was truly about if it wasn’t for this song story! What an awesome opportunity to share Jesus with the hurt and broken.


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