“This War- Reprise” Song Story

This War Reprise Cover Art

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There is a war being fought over your life. Yes, for you. You, who feel insignificant, looked over, unimportant. Your heart matters so much that the armies of light and darkness are even now raging against each other, both sides unrelenting until the final blow has been struck. Your affections, your love, your very soul have drawn the attention of the heavens.

As a man, I relate more to the idea of fighting for someone else, not being fought for. There is something that stirs in me thinking of doing battle for my own bride. I would gladly answer the call to slay the dragon, to win back the princess. I’ve played these imaginary games since I was a child. And yet for myself, am I fully willing to believe my own heart is worth rescuing?

A woman may embrace this idea much more easily. She longs to be fought for, to know she is a treasure worth crossing oceans. But as a woman, does she believe that she truly is set apart, a beauty worth battling for?

It is our deteriorating self-confidence which has kept the commander of darkness fighting for so long. You see, he has already lost. The war may still be raging, but the final outcome was decided when Jesus won the keys to hell on the cross. Light wins. And yet with his dying breath, the devil will continue to deceive us with his scheme: “Don’t let them know who they really are.” The fight would have long since ceased if that truth had been embraced by us.

In his hatred for God, the enemy now has his sights set on taking as many of us with him as he can. He knows it’s the last way he can cause pain to the Heavenly King he betrayed. He sees the way God adores us, and hates us for it. Who we choose to become is the final battle to be won. We can embrace love, forgiveness, redemption, and life-to-the-full in Jesus, or we can choose to believe the enemy’s lie that the war does not exist and that we, of all people, will never be fought for.

It is my hope that as you have listened to my album “This War,” your heart has been opened to these themes. Each song is a journey process to find our true identity and, more importantly, to believe it.

“This War”– The awakening, the realization that something in us has been stolen and the desire to reclaim it.

“You’re Safe Here”– Our desperate fight against the brokenness we’ve experienced and God’s gentle offering of safety.

“Through Your Window”– The enemy’s attempts to again deceive us and God’s patient love with our adulterous, wandering hearts.

“Trading Heartbeats”– Our surrender into God’s loving embrace and His beautiful redemption process in trading His own life for ours.

“Lies Broken by Brilliant Truth”– The enemy’s last-ditch efforts to keep us veiled in lies and God’s truth that pierces the darkness.

“This War- Reprise”- This short reprise verse is the bookend for the album, bringing us to our current place on the edge of eternity.

This is a war that I’m determined to win.
Her confidence fails before her heart can begin.

The greater battle has been determined. Heaven waits. But there is still the war for your heart. The God of the universe is determined to do all it takes to win your precious heart, even when self-confidence derails you down a much easier path to follow … ”I’m not worth fighting for.”

And now all of these approaching dreams are so much closer to me.
All I can see is that she’s beautiful.

“For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) We have heard this verse a thousand times…but rest with it a moment. Look deeper.

For those of you who have only heard the story from afar, let me offer a closer account of what actually happened. More importantly, for those of us who need fresh perspective, let me share once more the gospel message as the powerful rescue story it truly is.

Death is the penalty for humanity’s wrong choices. The devil knows this and accuses us before God, flaunting all of our personal brokenness as his evidence. And he is right…except that he severely underestimated God’s deep love for us.

Determined to win the war over our hearts, God sets in motion the events that will take away all of the devil’s power over us. There is only one way to do that; fulfill the requirements of our death penalty. In the greatest rescue plot of all time, God’s sends His son Jesus to earth as a man to take the punishment we deserved.

The devil, unknowing of the ultimate plan, sets into motion a murder conspiracy to kill the Son, which culminates in Jesus’ death on a Roman cross. Hell rejoices…until from out of nowhere, the Son they thought they’d killed shows up at their doorstep.

In the Bible, a small section (Eph. 4:8-10.) references what transpired after the cross during the three days Jesus was in the grave. Like a navy seal behind enemy lines, Jesus descends into hell and rescues those held captive and those destined for captivity. He has paid the penalty and because of his holiness, he has the power to take back everything the devil claims.

Defeated by his own scheme, the enemy is helpless and must relent. Holding the power to unlock death, Jesus then rises from the dead.

Jesus does something interesting next that we often overlook as a minor detail. But look again. Instead of heading straight to the glory of his Father’s side, he chooses to spend a few last moments with his bride…the church, who he has saved. He needs her to know what has happened, who he really is, and most importantly, what his actions have done to forever bring her pure before God…to bring us pure before God.

Jesus’ actions took care of every punishment we deserve. He brings those who believe in his redemption story back before God as the pure bride we have become. God looks upon us, upon you, and sees something beautiful. Our fear of the death sentence the devil threatens us with is replaced with the hope and assurance that we are forever invited into amazing eternal life with God.

That at its core is the Gospel. That is why the cross changes everything, and that is why the devil is trying so hard to keep you from believing it.

If all of it is true, and it is, if God really loves us so much that he sent Jesus on our behalf, then all of the things He is now speaking over you are also true. We can place our trust in all the plans and promises He declares over our future. You are exquisite, you are a person of honor, you will change nations.

Don’t let the enemy keep you from who you really are. Take hold of the identity and calling that’s rightfully yours.

Friends, may you live in the life-to-the-full that has been offered us.
May you believe you are worth fighting for.
May the enemy run terrified as you embrace your true identity.
And may you believe that you are perfectly beautiful through Jesus.

“All I can see is that she’s beautiful”


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  1. Dude, thanks again from the bottom of my heart; for being creative, obedient, inspirational, transparent and genuine by sharing your heart and soul in the music and lyrics God has blessed you with. I truly respect what you do and have accomplished. As a fellow avid, music enthusiast, I’ve really enjoyed this series. It was definitely worth the wait. Thanks Bro, great job. God is using your talents to show His glory. Well done.

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