“Lies Broken By Brilliant Truth” Lyrics

Verse 1:
Tell me why this picture wrapped up in human nature
of what I’m to become
Feels like I’m dragging in someone else to give my affection.
While You’re put in the backroom, be quiet she might hear You
as Your jealous temper flares.
And yet there’s proof against reluctance to do this.
Well-side conversations weren’t wrong.

Be careful not to let me in, it’s the beginning the end.
And I didn’t mean to take it this far
Might be the only way to stop this beating heart

Verse 2:
Your beautiful reflection, through beautiful intentions
moves so close I might shatter glass
Feels like I’m grasping with unsteady hands
but you have all my attention.
With the vagrant’s lie still ringing, hope’s lost with distant dreaming
back when the clock read 5:59.
And this is obviously so far from perfect
I feel it now because I’m still scared.

Through dark haze that set itself comfortable around my neck
come gentlest whispers, spoken softly, spoken strongly.
And they break they pierce through this.
Hardened stone is turned to flesh.
It’s mending deception, lies broken through with brilliant truth.
A pulse now in forgotten vains, aching hope with one word changed
hurting to healing, and I’ve got this strange feeling,
like maybe I’m capable of holding what’s vulnerable,
with steady hands and sturdiness, this blinding light with tenderness
brings forth beauty, You bring forth beauty
from this heart
from this beating heart.

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