You Are Worth Fighting For

This War Reprise Cover ArtWe have found ourselves in the final chapter of the “This War” EP song story series. This short verse serves as the bookend for the album, culminating all the themes our journey has brought us through.

There is a war being fought over your life. Yes, for you. You, who feel insignificant, looked over, unimportant. Your heart matters so much that the armies of light and darkness are even now raging against each other, both sides unrelenting until the final blow has been struck. Your affections, your love, your very soul have drawn the attention of the heavens.

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Truth Is Calling


There is a lie you believe about yourself. It likely has been there most of your life, hiding in the background, subtle, yet powerfully pervasive. Your lie has seeped in through life’s experiences as the whispers of the enemy give you false interpretations by which to set your heart’s compass.

These messages are spoken over and over to us. The more we hear them, the more they seem like truth. But as strong as the enemy is, the persistent pursuit of love is stronger. Truth is after you. It is only our agreement with the lies that keeps us from the brilliant light inviting us into its warmth.

Brilliant Truth is calling, and if you will let Him, He can break even the strongest of lies. You have beauty to offer. Your heart is good … yes, your beating heart is good.

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Can You Feel It Beating?

Trading HeartbeatsI didn’t know it at the time, but two years before I met my wife, I wrote “Trading Heartbeats” for her. To me, it was a simple song picture that I wanted to capture. For Laura, it told the story of God’s rescue and the spiritual heart transplant He used to break her free.

30,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean on a plane flight home, I began writing out the interaction I had envisioned. I saw a woman dressed in black, lying on the ground, broken and surrounded by shadow. A soft glow appears and Jesus himself enters her darkness. Then defying logic, he too lies on the dirty floor, his head resting on the ground so their faces mirror one another. Their eyes meet and with one compassion-filled look, his message is conveyed. “I’m here with you.”

At about the same time my intercontinental writing experience was taking place, my wife Laura was walking through a heartbreak that had left her curled on the ground in the shadows. I will let her tell her story in her own words…

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