New Song “Buried” Available Now

BuriedFor over a year now , I have had the pleasure of working with an incredible young musician and producer, Andrew Jensen. A 24-hour music writing marathon two summers ago, created the beginnings of what we are calling “The Movement EP”. Andrew and I have been slowly putting the final touches on this small collection of songs, which should be ready for release later this year. I am so excited to share this project with you all but until then, please enjoy the first single available by clicking the picture or HERE.

The song Buried explores the possibility of laying down an individual’s wounds in an effort to prevent a pattern of abuse and hurt. Where pain would seek to take life, dying to one’s self can offer life anew.

Enjoy, and thanks so much for listening.

True Love Still Comes For Us

Through Your Window BCAdultery.  Why is it that in a world filled with acceptable immorality, we still feel the stabbing pain of adultery? Just look at the latest gossip magazine. It seems the world loves to hate a cheater. Could it be because deep down we all still ache for perfect love?

In our own lives we want to find the delights movies tell us exist. We want to know happy endings exist. So when we see a couple broken apart by adultery, we grow angry and want the offender to receive the justice they deserve. How dare they ruin our expectations and hopes for love? But what of our own adultery?

Read more with the music HERE

“Hold On”- a song story

A song that is able to bring life from death should be celebrated. In the vein of highlighting artists who write music with power stories behind the lyrics, I would like to introduce you to a good friend James Merkely. I had the privilege of recording his song “Hold On” recently and wanted to share it with you all.

From James:
This song was written for a very good friend of mine, Warren Jordan, who passed away in a tragic accident, but it is also a declaration of my heart. He was a man who lived and dedicated his life for the Lord, his family, and his friends. He was greatly loved, and is dearly missed.

When Warren first died, I tried so hard to come up with a compilation of words in song form that would do him justice. Song after song came out, but none seemed “good enough”. Finally after several weeks of trying and not seeing any results, the phrase: “Everybody chases mysteries, but I just want to catch what’s in front of me”, jumped into my head as if Warren himself said it to me. I knew right away that this was the way I needed to write this song, from his perspective.

So I began analyzing how this phrase must have tied into Warren’s life, and honestly the song came to me easily at this point. In the first verse, I show how Warren found the loving embrace of God that changed his life forever. In the second verse, Warren declares that no matter what comes his way, his love and devotion is for the Lord. Finally, I tried to look at the big picture when Warren came face to face with his Heavenly Father. I remember writing each portion of this verse while sobbing like a baby. I could clearly imagine God speaking to Warren the phrase that I and most believers long to hear: “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

Warren’s life was truly inspiring. I too long to live in complete awareness of “what’s in front of me”, and I too want to hear Jesus tell me that I did all He asked of me. I wrote this song for Warren, but also for anyone who hears it. Don’t chase the things that don’t matter, instead, catch whats in front of you.

This War EP- The Album Story, Pt. 2


It’s a vulnerable place to open your creative offerings for the world to listen, read, and critique. There is a chance I could have gotten this completely wrong. Even now I am finding myself carefully choosing the words for these posts knowing that I risk failure.

It’s a lot to ask for, but I believe a song should have meaning, depth, and life. It should be able to reach the heart of a complete stranger and draw them toward healing and redemption.

The problem is that I am now so closely entrenched in the messages of these songs that I have forgotten what it’s like to hear them for the first time. For me, listening to an artist tell the journey behind a song can often open me to a more meaningfully experience in their music. So moving completely out of my comfort zone it is my hope that in vulnerably sharing the stories behind this collection of songs, others might be able to hear God’s heart over their own lives.

So here’s to being vulnerable!  (to be continued…)


Free album sampler download available HERE

This War EP- The Album Story, Pt. 1

It’s been five years…much too long for such a small music project to be produced, and yet I would not have had it any other way. I have found that this six-song collection, which makes up the “This War” EP, has needed space to fully come to life. In fact it wasn’t until the last reprise was finished, just months ago, that I was actually able to stand back and see the bigger picture that had emerged.

Yes, maybe it’s a bit crazy to long for deeper meaning in every lyric, note, chorus, and musical movement. And yet, I believe there is a story to find inside these songs, a story that God has been longing to tell to each of us. The story you find may be different from the one I intended to write when the song was born. That would be beautiful. I hope someday you might be gracious enough to share your experience.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few song story blogs for the upcoming album release.  Until then, you can click this link for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the album sampler. Check back soon to see how the story unfolds…