This War EP- The Album Story, Pt. 2


It’s a vulnerable place to open your creative offerings for the world to listen, read, and critique. There is a chance I could have gotten this completely wrong. Even now I am finding myself carefully choosing the words for these posts knowing that I risk failure.

It’s a lot to ask for, but I believe a song should have meaning, depth, and life. It should be able to reach the heart of a complete stranger and draw them toward healing and redemption.

The problem is that I am now so closely entrenched in the messages of these songs that I have forgotten what it’s like to hear them for the first time. For me, listening to an artist tell the journey behind a song can often open me to a more meaningfully experience in their music. So moving completely out of my comfort zone it is my hope that in vulnerably sharing the stories behind this collection of songs, others might be able to hear God’s heart over their own lives.

So here’s to being vulnerable!  (to be continued…)


Free album sampler download available HERE