This War EP- The Album Story, Pt. 1

It’s been five years…much too long for such a small music project to be produced, and yet I would not have had it any other way. I have found that this six-song collection, which makes up the “This War” EP, has needed space to fully come to life. In fact it wasn’t until the last reprise was finished, just months ago, that I was actually able to stand back and see the bigger picture that had emerged.

Yes, maybe it’s a bit crazy to long for deeper meaning in every lyric, note, chorus, and musical movement. And yet, I believe there is a story to find inside these songs, a story that God has been longing to tell to each of us. The story you find may be different from the one I intended to write when the song was born. That would be beautiful. I hope someday you might be gracious enough to share your experience.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a few song story blogs for the upcoming album release.  Until then, you can click this link for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the album sampler. Check back soon to see how the story unfolds…